Friday, September 04, 2015

Today I like:

Second blooming roses :: watching a repeat of the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off :: having a blog :: the scent of blended lavender, vetiver, rosewood and ylang ylang essential oils :: cosying with a hot water bottle :: the round promise of heavily laden apple trees :: tiny, fluffy feathers :: camomile and spearmint tea :: the promise of the weekend stretching ahead :: needing a massage, booking a massage, feeling the relaxation of having had a massage :: grey skies sending me inside :: smoked salmon trimmings :: my new hare rubber stamp :: feeling tendrils of sleep creeping on to the horizon :: the colour orange :: living next door to a park :: knowing I will give in to the call of the afternoon nap :: sinking in to the invitation to delight in this moment ::

Friday, June 05, 2015


Trust card from my home made oracle deck
I shuffle the deck and pull out a word card most days. This Trust one seems to spin round fairly often, perhaps I notice it more  because I feel it so much when I see. I feel the absolute simple truth of it, there aren't questions about what it means or a frisson of excitement about what might be in store. Instead, in my stomach, I feel the truth of it as a clench and relax, a warmth spreading through me as I deepen in to what it is like to live a life where I Trust me to look after me. I am so Grateful to be learning how to do that with greater ease day by day, to have chosen to create the space in my life to really dig in to what a life well lived means for me and for playful resources like oracle and tarot cards that aid my inner understanding. This week I think my greatest Inspiration came in my second ever Falun Gong class; taught free by dear, generous people I am loving finding new Faith  in the energy within and around my body, in the unseen and the unproven.

Friday, May 29, 2015

TGIF - Easing in to this...

Oracle Cards - The Wisdom of Trees, The Little Sage and home made deck
The newly blossoming easy breezy part of my self is rather delighted that I started this TGIF practice and then immediately missed posting for two weeks. The strict disciplinarian part is raising an eyebrow but she's secretly thinking the grass is rather green and lush over on the easy breezy side!

This week there is a new trust in the cycles of my body. Grumpiness at my tiredness on Bank Holiday Monday when there were so many things I wanted to DO was released much more quickly than ever before. I tried to just be grateful I didn't have to work - sank in to the resting - took a nap, started a new novel and then a sweet, caffeine boost saw me out for an evening dinner and walk and a beautiful end to a lovely weekend. Next day, energy to scoop up the essential tasks left aside the previous day. Who knew it could be like this? I am so grateful to be feeling the rewards of all my healing work these past eighteen months, my body is stronger and happier if not day by day, certainly week by week.

A wonderful inspiration this week is the delightful book Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver which is already transforming my faith  in the mystery and magic, the very touchableness, of the Divine.

I feel blessed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Oooh I remember this

Start of laptop case remodelling - embroidery

Embroidery tools

Sun shining through under the trees

I am in the clutches of obsession over a new project and it feels delicious. Inspiration hit yesterday and only the possibility of making my fingertips bleed shoving the needle through the firm fabric stopped me stitching! I've been weighing up how to remodel a rather grubby and too sugar pink laptop case that was rescued from someone's rubbish months ago. On Monday I suddenly knew it had have trees embroidered on it.

The catalyst responsible for this happy creative action was a tour of some North Oxfordshire Artweeks open studios on Saturday afternoon. Fabulous company, wonderful things to look at and scenery to tour through. We finished in the cosiest, arty cottage - think log fire, flagstone floors and a tumbling cat and and dog - relaxed, colourful and layered with life and lovely things. It illustrated exactly what home means to me and gave me a new appreciation for my attempts at curating chaos and feathering my nest. I thought that was my big gift from the trip and that was more than, hugely more than, enough. I was just up for a potter in the beauty of Oxfordshire in spring.

I am itching to unleash more embroidery but next comes the dyeing.  I wanted to layer some embroidery in before I dye the background to add to the layers of colour and texture but given I'm not sure how the dyeing will go I'm trying to resist working on the undyed case too much. Though as I've bought the wrong kind of dye for this synthetic fabric, I'm stuck for the moment. I might just add a little more embroidery, can't stop stitching...

Friday, May 08, 2015

TGIF - a practice

Daffodils and Inspiring Word Cards

White Lilac from Florence Park

My Leuchtturm 1917 journal

As I sit here trying to type out my first TGIF post following the example from The Gifts of Imperfection I am forced to acknowledge that one thing perfectionists hate is having their practising observed when they are engaged in something that matters deeply; so much less scary to deal with all of that in private and only let others see when things are more polished! 

I guess that is where I'll start then: Trusting that undertaking actions like this that make me feel all squeamy are a brilliant way to be vulnerable and practice living authentically. I am so Grateful of course for the book that is inviting me up to my edges and drawing me out and for the things that do that in everyday life, some gently,wonderfully and almost without me noticing (hello spring, hello flowers) and some painfully such as feeling sad on Wednesday without any apparent cause. From that sad place I sought external words of wisdom prowling around the blog world and was enormously Inspired by Susannah's post on journalling as a means of getting access to our own inner wisdom. The wonderful calm, shininess that wrapped around me on Thursday after I started the day with an extended bout of journalling reinforced my Faith in all of the various tools and practices that I am building up around me, so many different comforts and supports for the good and bad days.
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